Speaking at the Cleveland SharePoint User’s Group


I will be speaking at the Cleveland SharePoint User Group on Wednesday, October 24th. The meeting will start at 5:00pm. My topic will be "SharePoint 2013: An Overview of the New Features for IT-Pros”. Here’s a brief description of the talk:

Like every new release the SharePoint 2013 Preview Beta has generated a lot of “buzz” over the last few months.   But the important question is, “What’s in it for me and my organization?”  In this talk we’ll try to provide an overview, with demos, of the most significant new features for end users and the administrators who manage SharePoint environments.  This will not include the new “App” model for developers which will  require its own separate discussion.  Here are the topics I will cover:

  • Search – many of the new features in SharePoint 2013 leverage a new Search engine that incorporates everything Microsoft has learned from its FAST Search acquisition
  • Web content management – a new search based page navigation environment that offers better flexibility and control
  • Mobile – improvements have been made to how SharePoint is displayed and used on a variety of mobile devices
  • Records management – a new eDiscovery process takes records management and compliance to the next level
  • Social computing – a more intuitive way to share, follow, and collaborate on information using familiar social networking paradigms
  • Upgrade – only the database attach method remains, but there have been significant improvements to the process

You are invited to participate in the Cleveland SharePoint Group! Cleveland’s forum to share and collaborate on SharePoint as an application, development platform, and integration framework.

Cleveland SharePoint Group Presents

Wednesday, October 24th from 5pm – 7pm

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Cleveland Microsoft Office at 6050 Oak Tree Blvd.
Independence, 44131

EU SharePoint Best Practices Wrap-Up

bpcbannerIts been a busy four days since I got home from the EU SharePoint Best Practices Conference and a short holiday in London with my wife last week. I’ve been spending the last 4 days getting caught up so I can spend the next three weeks at the 8th MCM Rotation that starts on Monday.  Needless to say its been a really busy spring.

The conference was EXCELLENT! After missing it last year due to the Icelandic volcano eruptions I was really looking forward to going.  I can’t say enough about how Steve Smith and Zoe Watson take care of the speakers at their conferences.  In addition to the wonderful arraignments there were lots of great sessions to hear, attendees to talk to, and friends to visit with. I’m hoping to go back again next year.

For any of those who attended, I’ve attached the slide decks from my talks below.

Users, Profiles, and MySites: Managing a Changing SharePoint User Population: Presentation Slides.

How to teach an old dog ‘IT Team’ New Tricks Presentation Slides.

Slides from SharePoint Saturday Kansas City: Customizing the Ribbon UI

SharePoint Saturday Kansas CityIt’s been a week since I was in Kansas City doing a presentation on how to customize the new SharePoint 2010 ribbon.  It was a busy week, so I’m just now getting a chance to make the slides and Visual Studio project that I used for the talk available for download.  I’m hoping to transfer the talk into a series of Blog posts over the next few weeks, so if you missed the original talk stay tuned.  Here are links to the downloads:

Customizing the Ribbon presentation slides

Visual Studio 2010 demonstration Project

Best Practices Conference Wrap-up

3421642827_9f52c70952_t[1]I just arrived home from the Best Practices Conference last week.  The conference was EXCELLENT!   There were lots of great sessions to hear, attendees to talk to, and friends to visit with.  The next BP Conference will be sometime next August/September.  Don’t miss out on that one if you didn’t get to this one. 

For any of those who attended, I’ve attached the slide deck from my talk on Monday about Best Practices around managing Users, Profiles and MySites.

Users, Profiles, and MySites  Presentation Slides.

Speaking at the Central Ohio SharePoint User Group in May

I will be speaking at the Central Ohio SharePoint User Group on Thursday, May 15th.  The meeting will be from 5:30-7:30pm.  My topic will be "SharePoint Content and Infrastructure Deployment”.  Here’s a brief description of the talk:

  • SharePoint Content and Infrastructure Deployment
    Deploying a custom SharePoint Web site can be confusing due to the array of tools available.  This is complicated even more because some tools are only appropriate in certain circumstances.  In this session we will review the variety of tools available and demonstrate how to use some of the most important ones.

The Central Ohio SharePoint User Group (COSPUG) is a Microsoft sponsored community group that comes together to explore SharePoint and the applications that work with SharePoint.  The user group is targeted towards end users, administrators, implementers, developers, and anyone who likes to learn about emerging technology. 

They meet the third Thursday of every month at the Microsoft Office in Columbus, Ohio.  Everyone who attends the user group meeting, no matter what their level of SharePoint experience is, will likely leave having learned something new.

Update 05/16/2008 ===================================================================

Here are the slides I used for my presentation.  You can also get them from the COSPUG site.  I will also probably be presenting the same talk at the new Cleveland SharePoint User’s Group on May 28th at the Microsoft Offices.  Watch this BLOG for more details.