Speaking at the Dallas/Fort Worth SharePoint User’s Group in February

I will be speaking at the Dallas Fort Worth SharePoint User’s Group on Tuesday, February 19th.  The meeting will be from 6:30-8:00pm.  My topic will be "Upgrading WSS and Office Server 2007 to Service Pack 1”.  Here’s a brief description of the talk:

In mid-December of 2007, Microsoft released the first service pack for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). These service packs are filled with hot fixes and important upgrades to WSS and MOSS.  These service packs add support for the upcoming release of Windows Server 2008, Web Parts that use ASP.NET AJAX, new STSADM operations, and much more.  But installing them requires more planning than just running SETUP.exe.  In this talk we’ll examine the points below and follow them up with a live demonstration:

    1. What common problems are fixed by the SP1
    2. What should I consider BEFORE installing SP1
    3. How do I slipstream the installations for use in Server 2008
    4. What are some of the common problems encountered when trying to install SP1
    5. What other service packs will I need to install

The User Group meets at the local Microsoft Offices in Irving, TX.  You can find the office at 7000 State Highway 16, Irving, TX 75039.  The meeting will be in the LC1 Building (Right Tower) on the 1st Floor in Room 1200 (Left of the main security desk).  The DFW SharePoint Community is the only dedicated North Texas SharePoint
forum to promote:

  • Sharing of SharePoint "Best Practices" and Successes.
  • Exchange for Issues and Work Arounds.
  • Exposure to Certified 3rd party add on products.
  • Connection Point for market and Microsoft SharePoint resources

Meetings are free and open to the public, but registration is required.  You can register for the February meeting here.

Group A List by Week Number

I’ve seen several requests recently for how to Group a Sharepoint list by Month.  I’ve also seen several Blog posts on how to do it.  But recently I saw a query about how to Group by the Week Number of the year and several responses stating that it couldn’t be done.  I’ve always liked a good challenge, especially one that someone else says is IMPOSSIBLE.  So I decided ot figure out how to do it.  The results are below.

To Group a List by Week Number do the following:
  1. Make sure the list has a column that contains the Date you wish to GroupBy.  I’ll use the Start Time column of a standard Event list but you can use any Date/Time column.  You don’t need to filter out the Time portion first, it will be ignored.
  2. Add a Calculated column to the list called ‘WeekNumber’ that uses the following formula:
          =INT(([Start Time]-DATE(2007,1,1))/7)
    where [Start Time] is the date column whose week you want to group by.
  3. Set the data type of the Calculated Column to Number with 0 decimal places
  4. Create the view that you want Grouped by Week.
  5. SORT the view by [Start Time] and GROUPBY the [WeekNumber] column.

You’ll get a view that looks something like this:

This will give you a grouped list with the week number from the first day of the year.  But January 1st is rarely a Sunday or Monday.  If you want to be more accurate substitute the date of the first Sunday prior to 1/1/2007 in place of Date(2007,1,1).  This will give you the week number counting from the First partial week of the year.
Of course you’ll need to redo the calculated column when January rolls around next year, but only to change the Calculated Column to point at the first day of next year.