SharePoint 2010 Readiness: Preparation, Strategies & Best Practices

Please join Gary LaPointe and me for the webinar entitled SharePoint 2010 Readiness; Preparation, Strategies & Best Practices, where we will review the essential considerations and steps required to best prepare your organization for the deployment of the new version of SharePoint. .

The webinar will include live demonstrations and discussion of the following points:

  • Who should upgrade, why & when
  • An overview of the major differences between SharePoint 2007 & 2010
  • How to assess your existing SharePoint deployment and identify upgrade risks and opportunities
  • Specific tasks that need to be done to plan and prepare for SharePoint 2010
  • Best Practices for supporting parallel environments, migration, preserving the investment in your existing SharePoint deployment, etc.
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

Whether you are new to SharePoint or considering an upgrade from a previous version (2003 or 2007), you will gain a thorough understanding of how to tactically and strategically deploy SharePoint 2010 and take advantage of this ground-breaking enterprise platform.

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Slides from SharePoint Saturday Kansas City: Customizing the Ribbon UI

SharePoint Saturday Kansas CityIt’s been a week since I was in Kansas City doing a presentation on how to customize the new SharePoint 2010 ribbon.  It was a busy week, so I’m just now getting a chance to make the slides and Visual Studio project that I used for the talk available for download.  I’m hoping to transfer the talk into a series of Blog posts over the next few weeks, so if you missed the original talk stay tuned.  Here are links to the downloads:

Customizing the Ribbon presentation slides

Visual Studio 2010 demonstration Project

Best Practices Conference Wrap-up

3421642827_9f52c70952_t[1]I just arrived home from the Best Practices Conference last week.  The conference was EXCELLENT!   There were lots of great sessions to hear, attendees to talk to, and friends to visit with.  The next BP Conference will be sometime next August/September.  Don’t miss out on that one if you didn’t get to this one. 

For any of those who attended, I’ve attached the slide deck from my talk on Monday about Best Practices around managing Users, Profiles and MySites.

Users, Profiles, and MySites  Presentation Slides.

Finally joined Twitter

Many people know that I’ve avoided joining Twitter for a long time.  But I finally got an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I’m here at the New Zealand Community SharePoint conference and was on an expert’s panel earlier today with Paul Culmsee, Chandima Kulathilake, Joel Oleson, and Steve Smith.  Before the questioning started Joel was giving me a hard time because I was the only panelist not on Twitter.  Then he gave me a choice.  Either join Twitter or join him in eating some Kina (Sea Urchin – a local New Zealand delicacy).  I’ve decided to choose TWITTER!  Here’s a picture of Joel eating Kina.


You can read about his response on Joel’s Blog here, and I quote, "It smelled foul, very fishy…"  All in all, I would rather Twitter.

Speaking at the New Zealand Community SharePoint Conference 2009

New Zealand SharePoint Community Conference
I’ll be traveling halfway around the world next week to speak at the New Zealand Community SharePoint Conference in Wellington, New Zealand.  I’m really looking forward to the trip, even if it is the middle of winter in New Zealand right now.  My wife and I plan to stay in New Zealand for a week after the conference ends to do some sightseeing.  I just got a new Digital SLR camera that I’m hoping to try out so you may even see some pictures if you stay tuned.
Abstracts for my talks are listed below.  If you happen to be anywhere near Wellington next week stop in and join us.  There’s going to be a lot of good content. I hope to see you there and hope you’ll find my talks useful.  You can register using the following link:
Anonymous Access: Everything you always wanted to know, but didn’t know to ask
Enabling Anonymous Access in SharePoint isn’t just a matter of flipping a switch in IIS manager.  Anonymous Access must be enabled in IIS and then configured in SharePoint.  But there are also situations where this basic configuration isn’t sufficient.  In this talk we’ll review how to enable and configure anonymous access for SharePoint web sites, lists, and libraries.  Then we’ll turn our attention to strategies that can be used overcome specific problems with SharePoint anonymous access.  We’ll demonstrate solutions and workarounds for questions like:
  1. How do you require authentication for some items while maintaining anonymous access for the rest?
  2. What content from a personal MySite can be accessed via anonymous access?
  3. How do you enable anonymous responses to a discussion list?
  4. Can BLOGS and Wiki sites be used in an anonymous access site collection?
Migrating ASP.NET Apps: Four ways to convert them to SharePoint
The establishment of a new SharePoint Portal frequently involves the temporary or permanent migration of an existing ASP.NET application to the new SharePoint environment.  There are at least four different ways that this can be accomplished.  Choosing the correct method is a matter of balancing the amount of effort involved against the resulting functionality and performance.  In this talk we’ll demonstrate the following four approaches and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.
  1. Using a Page Viewer web part to display the existing website from inside SharePoint.
  2. Configuring the ASP.NET website to run from a Virtual Directory inside the SharePoint Web Application 
  3. Converting the existing ASP.NET web pages and code beside files to run inside a SharePoint web site. 
  4. Refactoring the ASP.NET web site as a set of Web Parts in the SharePoint site.