BP Conference: Giving away an MSDN Subscription

 BP Conference2010 If you haven’t decided to come to this year’s SharePoint Best Practices Conference then maybe this will help convince you to come.  One lucky attendee who attends at least one of my sessions will receiver a FREE one year subscription to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription*

MSDNUltimate Microsoft was kind enough to provide me with 3 of these subscriptions to give away when I was renewed as an MVP in July. I’ll be giving away the other two at future events.  So stay tuned to this Blog if you want to be in on future give-aways.  That’s an $11,899 value if you ordered it online from Microsoft yourself.  Better yet it includes everything you need to go home from the conference and build your own test environment to try out everything you’ve learned at the conference. Here’s how it works.  Attend one, two, or all three of my sessions at the conference August 24-27.  here are my session dates, times and topics:

SharePoint Designer 2010: Using it Safely in an Enterprise Environment

Aug. 25th


Internet Facing SharePoint Sites: Best Practices for a Secure Design

Aug. 26th


SharePoint’s Branding Continuum: Customizing your Look and Feel

Aug. 26th


    After you fill out an evaluation drop your business card in one of the receptacles marked MSDN subscription.  After my final session on Thursday from 3:00-4:15 PM I’ll head over to the ShareSquared booth (#24) in the exhibit hall.  At 4:55 PM I’ll draw a winner for the MSDN Subscription.  You don’t need to be present to win, but if you are at the booth I will be able to give you your prize right away.  Otherwise I’ll contact you and arrange for delivery.

So if you hadn’t planned to come to the BP Conference now’s the time to make your plans.  Register today.  If you are already planning to come then I hope to see you at my sessions.

*The subscription is a not-for-resale version with some benefit restrictions such as no technical support benefits or MSDN magazine subscription and all product licenses are for development and test only. The subscription must be activated before the end of 2010.

Cleveland SharePoint User’s Group

Presentation –  Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

I will be speaking at the Cleveland SharePoint User Group on Wednesday, July 28th.  The meeting will be from 4:00-6:30pm.  My topic will be "Upgrading to SharePoint 2010”.  Here’s a brief agenda for the talk:

  • Supported and unsupported upgrade paths
  • Choosing an upgrade approach
  • Preparing for an upgrade   
  • Overview of the upgrade process
  • Post-upgrade steps
  • Upgrade best practices

    Demos of all the major steps will be included!

    The location for the July 28th event will be the Microsoft Office Conference Room.  Address information for the office is below:

Cleveland Microsoft Office at 6050 Oak Tree Blvd.

Independence, 44131

Wednesday, July 29th from 4pm – 6:30pm

Register for the Event

Migrating to SharePoint 2010

The slides from the presentation

are available by clicking on the
image to the left.

Best Practices Conference: Aug. 24-27, 2010

BPConf125x125 Ever wondered whether the way you’ve designed, implemented and continue to support your SharePoint installation is the best way possible? Or could there be easier, better, more efficient ways to get things done?

Almost every SharePoint practitioner I’ve met has wondered the same thing at one time or another.  Well here is your chance to find out.  Join some of the brightest SharePoint experts in the business to discuss just what are SharePoint’s Best Practices.

I’ll be speaking again at this summer’s SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Washington, DC.  The Conference is from Aug. 24-26 with an extra day of post conference workshops on Aug. 27th.  I’ll be speaking on the following topics:

  • SharePoint Designer 2010: Using it Safely in an Enterprise Environment – Many companies restrict the use of SharePoint Designer 2007 to a small group of people on the professional IT staff.  Some companies prohibit its use entirely.  But many users, in all but the most locked down corporate enterprises, can and do still download and install the free product for themselves.  This has made SharePoint Designer the product that many professionals love to hate.  But SharePoint Designer 2010 is changing all that.  In this session we will demonstrate how changes in SharePoint make it possible to control who can use SharePoint Designer and what they can use it for.  We’ll also examine how changes in SharePoint Designer itself have made it safe to use without the "unghosting" of pages that was the primary problem with previous versions.  Finally, we’ll discuss a Best Practice framework that will allow the controlled use of SharePoint Designer 2010 by average Information Workers in almost every corporate environment.
  • Internet Facing SharePoint Sites: Best Practices for a Secure Design – The advent of two licensing levels for unrestricted use of SharePoint 2010 as an Internet facing environment has opened the floodgates on companies considering using SharePoint for more than a corporate Internet.  But there are still issues to be faced when constructing an Interenet facing SharePoint site.  In this talk we will review how traditional Best Practices for Internet facing Web sites should be adapted to fit a SharePoint installation.  We’ll discuss whether to install SharePoint into a DMZ or as an internal server accessible through a firewall.  We’ll also look at the complications raised by SharePoint’s dependence on Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server.  Along the way we’ll review various designs and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.
  • SharePoint’s Branding Continuum: Customizing your Look and Feel – SharePoint 2010 has expanded the possibilities available when you want to brand your SharePoint site with a custom "Look and Feel".  You can now change color schemes by using the new THMX themes, change the basic "look and feel" using custom CSS, or radically change the layout of the page using a custom master page.  In this talk we’ll help you decide which of these is the right approach for your branding project.  We’ll discuss the technical expertise required to pull it off and look at examples of just what you can accomplish with each approach.  Along the way we’ll also discuss general "Branding" Best Practices that will preserve the availability of the whole branding continuum no matter which approach you implement.

    I hope to see you there…

SharePoint 2010 Design & Deployment Best Practices

Please join Gary LaPointe and me for the webinar entitled SharePoint 2010 Design & Deployment Best Practices, where we will outline various critical considerations and best practice strategies for the planning, design and deployment of SharePoint 2010.

The webinar will include live demonstrations and discussion of the following points:

  • The pros and cons of the different approaches to installing and configuring SharePoint 2010
  • Configuration Best Practices for SharePoint 2010 farms
  • The Services Architecture; dependencies, licensing and topologies
  • Information Architecture guidance for sizing, multilingual support, multi-tenancy, etc.
  • Using tools such as SharePoint Composer & SharePoint Maestro to plan, document, install and configure a SharePoint 2010 deployment
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

Whether you are new to SharePoint or upgrading from a previous version, you will gain an understanding of how to effectively implement SharePoint 2010 in accordance with best practices and gain insights into techniques and tools that mitigate the effort and risk associated with implementation.

Sign-Up for the Seminar here:



ECM & Image Capture in SharePoint 2010 Webinar

Please join Chris Riley and me for the webinar entitled Enterprise Content Management &
Image Capture in SharePoint 2010
, where we will review the essential information you need to know to get the most out of SharePoint 2010 as a comprehensive enterprise content and document management solution.

The webinar will include live demonstrations and discussion of the following points:

  • The new features and capabilities in SharePoint 2010 that make it a true ECM platform
  • 2010’s Managed Metadata Service and other improvements for content findability
  • SharePoint’s enhanced Records Management capabilities that will transform how your organization manages content
  • Going from paper to digital with capture tools that integrate with SharePoint
  • Managing and controlling document capture and workflows in SharePoint
  • Assessing your existing ECM platform to identify platform migration opportunities
  • Best Practices for supporting mixed ECM environments, content migration and preserving your investment in existing ECM platforms, etc.
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

Whether you are new to SharePoint or upgrading from a previous version, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to utilize the ECM features in SharePoint 2010, in conjunction with document capture technologies, to create a comprehensive ECM solution with SharePoint 2010 as the foundation.

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