BI using SharePoint 2010 and PowerPivot Webinar

Please join Chris Givens from Architecting Connected Systems and me for Part 1 of our webinar series entitled Business Intelligence Using SharePoint 2010 & PowerPivot.  You’ll learn how  to create powerful, extensible, ad-hoc BI solutions for your organization using a combination of Excel, PowerPivot (formerly codenamed Gemini), and SharePoint Server 2010.

The webinar will include live demonstrations and discussion of the following points:

  • The capabilities and target audience for this new technology
  • How self-service BI is transforming the way we think about and work with data
  • The myriad products & services that work in concert to deliver PowerPivot-driven BI
  • Advantages of self-service BI over traditional BI
  • SharePoint’s front & center role in the changing BI landscape
    PowerPivot and SharePoint usher in a new era of self-service business intelligence and collaboration, which enables you to analyze and take advantage of the data and knowledge assets your organization already owns!

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