Hot Fix for SP2 available!

Occasionally when you install Service Pack 2 on a MOSS installation it will reset the license code so that SharePoint thinks it is an evaluation copy that will expire in 180 days.  It doesn’t actually break any functionality, at least not until the 180 days is up.  But it can be a bit disconcerting if you look at the licensing.  You can read more about the problem in the following KnowledgeBase article:
The SharePoint product team issued a Hot Fix last night that corrects the problem.  The Hot Fix can be applied either before or after installing SP2.  They are also working on getting the Hot Fix built right into the download of SP2, but that will take about 4 weeks before the download site is updated.  In the meantime you can download the hot fixes in the following locations:

I’ve got a NEW BLOG address

The Cobbler’s Kids are finally getting shoes! 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the people who work with technology are the last ones to have time to use it?  Well that’s the way its been for us at Mindsharp since the release of SharePoint 2007.  None of us really liked the Blogging software we were using, but nobody had time to install and configure a new Blogging engine based on SharePoint 2007.  Finally after more months than I would like to count we’ve finally had enough time to get our new BLOG site up and running.  Thank You Todd!

From now on you can find my Blogs on I’m hoping that with the new easier to use software I’ll be able to get some of the Tips n Tricks I’ve been meaning to write about written.  Watch the new BLOG for more entries.

I’m a New SharePoint MVP

I just got the email a few minutes ago and had to share the news. I’ve been named a SharePoint Server MVP for as of today, July 1, 2008.

I owe a big thank you to Todd Bleeker who nominated me and to anyone else who added a good word or endorsement to the process along the way. I am incredibly EXCITED and hope to continue to live up to the honor that has been bestowed on me.



64-bit only is coming….

I’ve been working on a talk that I’ll be giving to the Dallas next month to the Dallas/Fort Worth User’s group (more on that in another post) and I ran across confirmation of something I’ve been telling students for over a year now. When you are buying new hardware for a SharePoint installation, you should ALWAYS buy 64-bit hardware.  Yes, I know mixing and matching 64 and 32 bit servers in a SharePoint role isn’t recommended, but you should still try to make all new purchases 64-bit.  Why?  Because SharePoint makes extensive use of RAM for almost everything it does.  The minimum SharePoint server I recommend anymore has 4GB RAM in it, and that’s the maximum for 32-bit hardware.  But more importantly take a look at the following quote from the White Paper that Microsoft recommends everyone read BEFORE installing either SharePoint SP1 package.

“Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007 are the last SharePoint Products and Technologies versions able to run on 32-bit hardware and operating systems.”

It’s now official.  The next version of SharePoint will be 64-bit only.  We’ve already seen this happen to Exchange and many have been predicting it would happen to SharePoint soon, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in print from an official Microsoft source.  You can find the full white paper here:

Welcome to my BLOG

Well its been a long time coming, but I’ve finally decided to start a BLOG.  I’ve never been much for keeping Journals, but now its time.  I’ve spent the last couple years starting my own Consulting/Training business.  In that timeI have continually stumbled across technical "Nuggets" by listening to students or while researching student questions.  But I’ve never had anywhere to publish those "Nuggets".  A Blog seems to be the perfect place to store this kind of asynchronously acquired information in a categorized format. 

Now that I’ve decided to give up the “freelancing thing“ and go to work for Mindsharp fulltime I don’t even have the excuse that I’m too busy trying to build the business.  Since Mindsharp has their own Blog hosting site its finally time.

So watch this space and I’ll try to share the things I learn about SharePoint, CRM, and .NET development.  Hang on to your hats its liable to be a bumpy ride.

Paul Stork