Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 ships full RTM


If you who have been learning to develop the new SharePoint 2013 Apps then you know that the toolset for doing that in Visual Studio 2012 didn’t ship a finished RTM version when SharePoint 2013 shipped its RTM version in November.  Instead we’ve all still been working on a Preview 2 version.  Well no longer! The final version of Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio shipped today.  You can read more about the announcement here: 

And more importantly you can download the new tools via web platform Installer from the following URL:

SharePoint 2013 has reached RTM


Earlier today Microsoft announced that Office 2013, including SharePoint Server 2013, reached the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build.  That means that coding and testing is complete and work will now commence on getting these products packaged up and into the appropriate distribution channels for customers.  YOu can read the full announcement here: 

Office Reaches RTM!

But here are some of the high points and important details covered in the announcement.

  • People who purchase Office 2010 after October 19, 2012 will get a free upgrade to Office 2013 when it is released.
  • Surface RT tablets will include a preview version of Office 2013 when they ship on October 26th.
  • Office 365 customers will begin to see some of the new 2013 capabilities with the next service update in November.
  • TechNet and MSDN subscribers should have access to RTM code by mid-November.  Which happens to be just after the SharePoint Conference November 12-15, 2012.

Speaking at the Cleveland SharePoint User’s Group


I will be speaking at the Cleveland SharePoint User Group on Wednesday, October 24th. The meeting will start at 5:00pm. My topic will be "SharePoint 2013: An Overview of the New Features for IT-Pros”. Here’s a brief description of the talk:

Like every new release the SharePoint 2013 Preview Beta has generated a lot of “buzz” over the last few months.   But the important question is, “What’s in it for me and my organization?”  In this talk we’ll try to provide an overview, with demos, of the most significant new features for end users and the administrators who manage SharePoint environments.  This will not include the new “App” model for developers which will  require its own separate discussion.  Here are the topics I will cover:

  • Search – many of the new features in SharePoint 2013 leverage a new Search engine that incorporates everything Microsoft has learned from its FAST Search acquisition
  • Web content management – a new search based page navigation environment that offers better flexibility and control
  • Mobile – improvements have been made to how SharePoint is displayed and used on a variety of mobile devices
  • Records management – a new eDiscovery process takes records management and compliance to the next level
  • Social computing – a more intuitive way to share, follow, and collaborate on information using familiar social networking paradigms
  • Upgrade – only the database attach method remains, but there have been significant improvements to the process

You are invited to participate in the Cleveland SharePoint Group! Cleveland’s forum to share and collaborate on SharePoint as an application, development platform, and integration framework.

Cleveland SharePoint Group Presents

Wednesday, October 24th from 5pm – 7pm

Register for the Event

Cleveland Microsoft Office at 6050 Oak Tree Blvd.
Independence, 44131

4 Prerequisites Missing from SharePoint 2013 PrerequisitesInstaller.exe

There is an old adage that says “When all else fails, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!”  This is particularly true when it comes to installing Beta releases.  Unfortunately many people, including me, don’t always read all the release notes before installing.  When the preview Beta of SharePoint 2013 was released a couple weeks ago I very quickly downloaded it and spent the first evening installing it into a Virtual environment.  After all, I had installed lots of Betas in the past and I was normally able to work through any of the issues that came up.  Since I knew the client I would be installing it at soon had servers that could not download files directly from the Internet I even updated a 2010 PowerShell script that I got from AutoSPInstaller  on CodePlex to download all the new 2013 prerequisites.  (You can see that post here)  So I was very surprised when someone pointed out to me the next day that there were three (3) prerequisites that aren’t included and that are only mentioned in the documentation.  You’ll find them in step 6 of the various installation walkthroughs: single server with SQL, single server with SQLExpress, and multiple servers.


To keep you from making the same mistake I did here are descriptions and download locations for the 3 updates.  NOTE: These all are specific to Server 2008 r2 and probably aren’t needed if installing on Server 2012 RC.

  • KB 2554876 – The SharePoint parsing process crashes in Windows Server 2008 R2
  • KB 2708075 – IIS 7.5 configurations are not updated when you use the ServerManager class to commit configuration changes
  • KB 2472264 – You cannot customize some TCP configurations by using the netsh command in Windows Server 2008 R2

UPDATE: A Fourth required KB is being added to the list

I and several other people have been having issues getting the Search service to provision in SharePoint 2013.  The original suggested fix was to run Windows Update on the server and install all important updates.  This did indeed solve the issue.  But required installation of 53 updates in my case and since some servers aren’t connected to the Internet a number of people in the Forums started looking for a better solution.  That solution was to install KB 2567680 which is a security update for Server 2008 r2 and can be downloaded from:

KB 2567680MS11-063: Vulnerability in Windows Client/Server Run-time subsystem could allow elevation of privilege: August 9, 2011

I hope this saves you some time and trouble.  It should provide a more stable environment as you test the Beta.