Welcome to Don't Pa..Panic Consulting!


Providing Trustworthy Guidance in a Confusing World

I've been involved in the IT industry for over 30 years now. During that time I've been a database developer, a network engineer, a troubleshooter, a college professor, a LAN administrator, a trainer, and most recently a consultant. But no matter what role I filled there was always one constant, Trying to find answers to the questions that people asked.

In today's business climate it is more important than ever to get accurate timely information into the hands of the right people. Software products that promote collaboration, like SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, are crucial to this effort. But implementing these products in a strategic fashion often requires viewpoints and knowledge that are not available to the Information Technology staff responsible to tactical operations. That's the gap that I hope Don't Pa..Panic Consulting will fill.

I'm actively looking for clients who want to make SharePoint, Office 365, or Dynamics CRM a strategic part of their business plans. Noone can provide all the answers. But if you are looking for a consultant who can envision and implement a strategic road map that focuses on collaboration then I want to talk to you.