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Recently I Bloged about the upcoming SSWUG SharePoint Virtual Conference where I will be presenting 3 talks.  I even provided a VIP discount code that will save you $10 off the cost of the conference.  VIP code: SPVPSTSP09
But maybe you’re not sold on the idea of attending a virtual conference.  Maybe you don’t want to pay even a discounted price just to find out you don’t like the virtual format.  Well here’s your chance.  The SSWUG is sponsoring a Free, yes I said FREE, virtual community event using the same conferencing features that they will use for the spring SharePoint conference.  The event will be held on Friday, April 17, 2009 from 9AM to noon Eastern time. So here’s your chance to try out Online Virtual Conferencing and see if it fits your needs.  Register for the Spring Community event at this address:

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SSWUG Spring vConference

SSWUG conference
I spent last Friday in Tucson, AZ recording three sessions for the upcoming online SharePoint conference being hosted by the SSWUG.  In these times of tight budgets and restricted travel this is just the conference you need to learn more about SharePoint.  Even better I can provide you with the following VIP code, SPVPSTSP09, which will get you a $10 discount when you register for the conference.  Even better the VIP code can be used in combination with other codes like early bird or alumni.
Abstracts for my talks are listed below.  I hope you’ll attend the conference and will find my talks useful.  You can register using the following link:
Configuring SharePoint Anonymous Access: Tips and Tricks
Enabling Anonymous Access in SharePoint isn’t just a matter of flipping a switch in IIS manager.  Anonymous Access must be enabled in IIS and then configured in SharePoint.  But there are also situations where this basic configuration isn’t sufficient.  In this talk we’ll review how to enable and configure anonymous access for SharePoint web sites, lists, and libraries.  Then we’ll enumerate some "Tips and Tricks" for overcoming specific issues with SharePoint anonymous access.  We’ll demonstrate solutions and workarounds for questions like:
1) How do you require authentication for certain files and list items while maintaining anonymous access for the rest of a list?
2) How do you enable anonymous responses to a discussion list?
3) Can BLOGS and Wiki sites be used in an anonymous access site collection?
Migrating ASP.NET Applications: Four ways to convert them to SharePoint
The establishment of a new SharePoint Portal frequently involves the temporary or permanent migration of an existing ASP.NET application to the new SharePoint environment.  There are at least four different ways that this can be accomplished.  Choosing the correct method is a matter of balancing the amount of effort involved against the resulting functionality and performance.  In this talk we’ll review the following four approaches and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.
1) Using a Page Viewer web part to display the existing website from inside SharePoint.
2) Configuring the ASP.NET website to run from a Virtual Directory inside the SharePoint Web Application
3) Converting the existing ASP.NET web pages and code beside files to run inside a SharePoint web site.
4) Refactoring the ASP.NET web site as a set of Web Parts in the SharePoint site.
Microsoft Single Sign-On Service: Configuring SSO for SharePoint Designer Data Sources
DataFormWebParts are a very flexible and powerful way to display and format data, including data from external databases like SQL Server.  One of the biggest issues involved in creating and using SQL data sources in SharePoint Designer is the lack of support for Windows Authentication to the database.  The best solution to this is configuring and using the Microsoft Single Signon Service to authenticate in the data source.  In this talk we’ll demonstrate how to configure and use the Microsoft SSO service when creating a SQL data source in SharePoint Designer.
UPDATED 4/1/2009
You can see a brief excerpt of my SSO talk for the upcoming conference at .  Watching the video will help you decide whether attending a virtual conference is worthwhile or not.

SharePoint Best Practices Conference

Best Practices Conference Logo

I just got back from the second SharePoint Best Practices Conference, and if anything this was even better than the first.  Of course the weather was wonderful.  I left Cleveland on Sunday with it snowing and arrived in San Diego to sunny temperatures in the 70s.  The hotel staff were terrific, the other speakers were knowledgeable, and there were lots of attendees looking for answers.  I did two presentations and promised that I would post my slides as soon as I got home.  They’ll also be coming out on a Post Conference DVD, but that may take 6 weeks or so.  So PDFs of the slides from my talks are posted below for download.

PDF  Anonymous Access Best Practices

PDF  Publishing (Web Content Management) Best Practices

We’re already talking about the third SharePoint Best Practices Conference so if you missed this one keep an eye out for the next one.  Most conferences focus on the “HOW“ to do SharePoint.  This conference focuses on the “WHY“.  You don’t want to miss the next one.

Guest appearance on the GeekSpeak Internet Radio Show

I’ve been invited to do a return guest spot on MSDN’s GeekSpeak Internet radio show August 6, 2008.  The show is broadcast every Wednesday from 12:00-1:00PM Pacific time (3:00-4:00PM Eastern).  I’ll be talking about Branding using master pages in SharePoint.  The abstract for the talk and registration link are listed below.

Making SharePoint not look like SharePoint – SharePoint’s use of ASP.NET master pages makes it possible to completely change the branding of your SharePoint site to match your existing corporate branding.  In this geekSpeak, Paul Stork will demonstrate how to convert a sample web page from an existing corporate Web site into a master page for SharePoint.  The new master page will then be applied to a SharePoint site completely changing the look and feel to match the existing web page.  Join us to see how SharePoint’s use of master pages can make branding your SharePoint site possible.


Register here:


Branding Talk for the Cleveland SharePoint User Group

I will be speaking at the Cleveland SharePoint User Group on Wednesday, July 23rd.  The meeting will start at 4:00pm.  My topic will be "SharePoint Branding”.  Here’s a brief description of the talk:

SharePoint Branding
SharePoint’s use of ASP.NET master pages makes it possible to completely change the branding of your SharePoint site.  In this talk I will describe how SharePoint uses master pages.  I’ll also demonstrate building a new master page from scratch and converting an existing HTML page’s look and feel to SharePoint.  Join us to see how SharePoint’s use of master pages can make branding your SharePoint site possible

The location for the July 23rd event has changed due to construction in the Cleveland Microsoft Office Conference Room.  Instead of meeting at the Microsoft Office we will be at the Oxford & Associates office.  Address information for the office is below:

Oxford & Associates

Commerce Park 4

23240 Chagrin Boulevard Suite 130

Beachwood, OH  44122

Wednesday, July 23rd from 4pm – 6:30pm