Paul Papanek Stork

Principal Architect
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP
Microsoft Certified Master MCM
Blue Chip Consulting, LLC
MBA, CWRU (1996)

voice: +1-440-646-8971
5266 Graham Drive
Lyndhurst, OH 44124


I started playing with computers over 40 years ago in high school. I started my full-time professional career on computers in the mid 1980s as a PC/Network Systems Analyst and database (Clipper) programmer. In the early days it was all Novell and IBM Lan Server, but in the mid 90's I started working on NT, got my certification as an MCSE and MCT and haven't looked back since.

I've worked for religious non-profits, local government, a national bank, a university, and most recently a small consulting/training firm. With a broad background and a knack for picking up new technologies fast I've always specialized in Microsoft products that defied compartmentalization and leveraged multiple technologies.

I currently specialize in Sharepoint, but also dabble in CRM, and Mobile Development. My role as a consultant normally revolves around being a solution architect or a developer. I design a solution using primarily Microsoft products to solve a client's business problems. At that point I work with their own internal staff to get trained and do the implementation.

In addition to teaching and consulting I also keep my hand in with my first career as a parish pastor. I have served as an interim pastor at a variety of congregations in the last few years. Currently I'm serving at St. james Lutheran in Jewet, OH.


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